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Iran launches drone attack at Israel, says it's retaliatory


 , Updated 08:57, 14-Apr-2024
An Iranian flag. /Reuters
An Iranian flag. /Reuters

An Iranian flag. /Reuters

Iran has launched unmanned aerial vehicles and missiles toward Israel, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps confirmed on Saturday night. They will take hours to reach their targets, according to Israel's military.

The U.S. and its allies shot down an unspecified number of Iranian drone aircraft headed toward Israel on Saturday.

Several Middle East countries, including Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, have suspended flight operations in their airspace amid an Iranian drone attack on Israel.

Shortly before news of Iran's drone launches, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country's "defensive systems" were deployed, preparing for "any scenario."

Loud explosions were heard in Jerusalem, which Israeli media say are from aerial interceptions, and blasts shook Syria's capital on Saturday.

Iran's mission to the UN said on Saturday that the attack is "in response" to the Israeli strike on its Damascus consulate on April 1 that killed seven Revolutionary Guards officers, including two senior commanders. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied responsibility for the attack.

Iran's UN mission continued on social media platform X that if Israel "make another mistake, Iran's response will be considerably more severe." It warned the U.S. to "stay away," saying this is a conflict between Iran and Israel.

U.S. President Joe Biden, who on Friday warned Iran against attacking Israel after saying such a scenario appeared imminent, has pledged to stand with Israel against Iran, the White House said.

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