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What is the impact of artificial intelligence on job market?

Reality Check

With the rise of chatbots like ChatGPT, AI has introduced new variables to the job market, revolutionizing the way we work. Wondering which jobs are more easily replaced by AI? The answer from Steve Hoffman, Chairman & CEO of Founders Space, might surprise you!


Steve Hoffman: What we're seeing is in media, AI is now capable of creating video. You can literally clone your voice right now. And then you could have an avatar that looks just like you, doing a newscast just like this.This technology isn't of the future. It is here right now. It's really exciting. It's also a little bit scary. I will tell you there are some jobs that are really easy to replace.

And what's very interesting, what you're seeing in this data is that high-end jobs, knowledge worker jobs are sometimes more at risk than lower-end jobs. It really comes down to what AI does well. So, for journalists, for writers, I would say they're at a medium risk. Because there is a lot of low-end writing jobs that are very routine, that will be taken over.

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