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How Xi Jinping promotes the ecological protection of Qinghai Lake


High on the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau, vast and serene, lies Qinghai Lake. This majestic saltwater lake is a cradle of life, brimming with diverse flora and fauna. Among its most fascinating inhabitants is the naked carp, known as Huangyu. Endemic to Qinghai Lake, this unique fish plays a vital role in the region's delicate ecological balance.

Echoing the ancient wisdom of the Book of Changes, "We should learn about the changes of the season by studying natural phenomena and foster social development by studying human phenomena. Wealth arises from following the way of heaven and earth and assisting the natural order," Qinghai Lake serves as a testament to China's respect for nature.

Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Qinghai Lake in 2021 further underscores this commitment. Tang Yulin, a former official with the Gangcha County Fishery Administration, exemplifies China's unwavering resolve. Yulin's dedication throughout his career has been instrumental in the remarkable comeback of the naked carp, proving Lao Tzu's words true: "For I am abstracted from the world, the world from nature, nature from the Way, and the Way from what is beneath abstraction." Here, human action, guided by respect for the natural order, has brought about a flourishing ecosystem.

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