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Tech Please: Is it too early to be wowed by GPT-4o?

Zhao Chenchen

 , Updated 11:09, 19-May-2024

Editor's note: "Tech Please!" takes a brief look at all things science and technology in China, revealing trends you won't hear about anywhere else, from cutting-edge developments to the bizarre and whimsical in the world's most exciting tech market.

OpenAI recently released an updated version of its artificial intelligence model, the GPT-4o. During the live-streamed demo session, the multimodal model is shown to respond faster than the previous versions and interact with people more naturally. Is it, however, a bit too early to be wowed by the changes it might bring to our lives? What does the future hold for AI? In this episode of Tech Please, we talk with Zeng Yi, a member of the United Nations AI Advisory Body and also a professor at the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhou Peng, the co-founder and CTO of Luxi Tech, an AI company, to explore the different sides of AI.

(Cover image by CGTN's Liu Shaozhen, with background generated by Ideogram.)

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