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Mount Qingyuan: Exploring Quanzhou's 'Mother Mountain'


Situated in the northern part of Quanzhou in Fujian Province, Mount Qingyuanis a place where natural beauty and cultural heritage coexist harmoniously. Developed as far back as the Qin Dynasty and having flourished during the Tang, Song and Yuan periods, this mountain features a number of attractions. Such stunning sites as Laojun Rock, Qianshou Rock and Amitabha Rock stand alongside ancient cliff carvings and granite structures from the Yuan and Ming dynasties. Highlights include the Laojun Rock Statue, the Wind-Praying Carvings on Mount Jiuri, and the Islamic Holy Tomb – all key cultural relics that are included in Quanzhou's UNESCO World Heritage listing.

Mount Qingyuan, as Quanzhou's "Mother Mountain," is a symbol of the city's culture and a repository of its history and memories. Our aerial video offers you a breathtaking view of the beautiful landscape in which nature and history blend perfectly. If you are interested in history and natural scenery, Mount Qingyuan is definitely somewhere not to miss.

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