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'Jian Cha': How tea was prepared over a thousand year ago in China



"Jian Cha" is a unique cultural symbol of the Tang Dynasty, a period that spanned from 618 to 907 in ancient China. This era marked a significant development in tea culture, where tea was not just a beverage but a symbol of sophistication and artistry.

As a method of preparing tea, "Jian Cha" involves decocting the tea leaves in a manner similar to that used for preparing medicinal herbs. It requires a series of refined steps, including heating, crushing the tea cake and adding salt to the first boil. 

In this video, we will delve into the meticulous tea preparation process demonstrated by Cai Xiao, a renowned tea industry expert from Shaanxi Province.

(Video edited by Gao Yuxin; Cover image designed by Jia Jieqiong)

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