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Five new species discovered in SW China's Yunnan


Chinese researchers at Dali University have recently announced the discovery of a new plant species and four insect species in the biodiversity-rich region of Cangshan Mountain in southwest China's Yunnan Province.


The five species include a new Iris and four Panorpa.

The newly discovered plant species has been named Iris cangshanensis.

Irises are a diverse genus, with over 300 species globally and more than 60 found in China.

"This iris is distinct from the other iris species we've known. We've determined it to be a new iris species," said Jiang Xianfeng, one of the researchers.

The researchers also documented four new insect species that belong to the genus Panorpa and are endemic to this area: Panorpa huadianba, Panorpa kurong, Panorpa shengyingfeng and Panorpa vajroides.

Panorpa are sensitive aquatic insects that inhabit pristine high-altitude forest streams.

They are sometimes called scorpionflies, as the males have enlarged genitals raised over the body that look similar to the stingers of scorpions.

China is home to over 200 known Panorpa species, representing roughly half of the global diversity of the insect order.

(Cover is a Panorpa. /CFP)

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