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CGTN Poll: After 'Volt Typhoon' fabrication, global respondents decry U.S. cyberbullying


The United States' "Volt Typhoon" fabrication has blown itself over. China's National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center, the National Engineering Laboratory of Computer Virus Prevention and Control Technology, and 360 Digital Security Group jointly released a special report on April 15, exposing the "Volt Typhoon" operation planned and implemented by several U.S. agencies. 

The operation aims to strengthen cyber surveillance inside and outside the United States intelligence agencies by inciting the so-called "Chinese cyber attack threat" and extending Section 702 of the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Section 702). 

According to a global online survey conducted by CGTN, 91.7 percent of respondents expressed belief that the U.S. government's continuing illegal surveillance and cyber attacks would only deteriorate its international reputation and credibility in the world.

Around 91.3 percent of the global respondents believe that Section 702, which allows U.S. intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies to require network operators to unconditionally provide all personal data and information without a court warrant, is illegal and illegitimate. 

The U.S. has long been abusing its advantage in internet technology to conduct large-scale, long-term espionage and surveillance of other countries' governments and citizens, which has been scorned by international public opinion. According to the poll, 94.4 percent of respondents said bluntly that "this is purely espionage." Around 92.1 percent of respondents noted that the U.S. government's behavior is a gross violation of the sovereignty and national security of other countries.

In fact, it is not the first time that the United States has engaged in a "double standard" under the banner of cyber security. On the one hand, it launches indiscriminate cyber attacks on other countries, and on the other hand, it disguises itself as the victim of cyber attacks.

This "drama" of the thief crying "stop thief" has deeply disgusted the international community. According to the report, from May 2023 to the present, hacking groups backed by U.S. government agencies have carried out more than 45 million cyberattacks on China. According to the poll, 92.8 percent of respondents believe that the U.S. has used its technological advantages as a tool to maintain its hegemony; 95.7 percent of the respondents strongly condemned the U.S. government's "double standards" on national security issues, considering it another ironclad evidence of "American hegemony." Moreover, 95.7 percent of the respondents strongly condemned the U.S. for bullying other countries under the banner of "national security."

The above poll data comes from two online polls released on CGTN's English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian platforms, with over 86,000 people voting and sharing their opinions.

(Cover via CFP)

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