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Shanxi's vinegar obsession



On a trip to north China's Shanxi Province, it is common to be greeted by the sight of large, black ceramic jars bearing the character 醋 (cù), or vinegar. 

Shanxi's vinegar and the locals' love for it is renowned throughout the country. It is said that Shanxi people, on average, consume an astonishing 7.5 to 10 kilograms of vinegar per person each year, far exceeding other regions.

The reasons for Shanxi people's love of vinegar are many. Nestled on the Loess Plateau, Shanxi gets to have some degree of alkaline and hard water, and the weather, particularly during the summer, is dry. In such conditions, locals find that a sip of vinegar can instantly revive their appetites. 

Additionally, Shanxi people love wheat-based food and have invented various ways of cooking them. The dishes there find the perfect companion in vinegar, which aids digestion and enhances the flavor profile.

Shanxi's vinegar obsession
Shanxi's vinegar obsession
Shanxi's vinegar obsession
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