China's Political Season: How does the 'Master of Proposals' perform his duties?
Updated 15:40, 17-Mar-2019
Among the nearly 3000 national law makers of the National People's Congress, one of them stands out for both the high quantity and the high quality of the proposals he makes. NPC deputy Zhu Lieyu has submitted around 100 suggestions and motions since 2013. What makes him so active and productive, and how many of those proposals turned into articles of policy? CGTN reporter Zou Yun has more.
He's been called the "Master of Proposals" by the media, and is known for always bringing many motions and suggestions to the annual session.
ZHU LIEYU NPC DEPUTY "When I was the NPC deputy for the 12th National People's Congress, I submitted over 60 suggestions and around 6 motions. As for the 13th NPC, I brought nearly 20 proposals and suggestions each year."
And it's not just about the quantity; his proposals usually cause lively discussions among ordinary people and grab the attention of the media. He told CGTN that about 50 percent of his suggestions and motions were addressed and partially adopted. The most influential one called on the government to relax the one-child policy and allow all families to have a second child. In 2015 this idea turned into reality, and as one of the earliest law makers who raised this two-child policy proposal, Zhu Lieyu is proud.
ZHU LIEYU NPC DEPUTY "China is getting old before it gets rich, and the population demographics are becoming very worrisome. And allowing the birth of a second child will help to solve many problems, by generating more young people to join in the nation's development."
This year, his proposals for a third-child policy and for increasing the labor day holiday, once again captured the spotlight. Zhu Lieyu said it is taking responsibility, striving for a sense of accomplishment as well as the advantage of being a professional lawyer that makes him an active and effective lawmaker.
ZHU LIEYU NPC DEPUTY "For many people working in the legal field, when we see problems, we tend to seek solutions instead of just complaining about it. Being used to this rational way of thinking helps us deal with problems and make suggestions in a constructive manner."
ZOU YUN BEIJING "Submitting motions and proposals is one of the key responsibilities of NPC deputies. Zhu Lieyu told us that many people write to him about their problems and concerns. He and many other national law makers are making efforts to turn these requests into motions and suggestions. Trying their very best to make the voices of ordinary people heard, and more importantly, solving problems. ZY,CGTN,BJ."