Leading international think tank sets up research institute in Guangzhou
By He Weiwei
Guangzhou announced the launch of its International Research Institute on Thursday, in collaboration with Stanford Research Institute International (SRI International), a renowned US think tank.
Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province in southern China, is among the country’s first-tier cities together with Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.
The newly launched Guangzhou International Research Institute will consist of a research and development (R&D) platform and four centers, bringing in advanced scientific achievements of SRI International and Stanford University.
A special fund with an initial amount of 1 billion yuan (160 million US dollars) will be invested in industries such as information technology, artificial intelligence, biological medicine, new energy industry and new materials.
The institute will recommend Guangzhou based start-up projects to the US for further training and to facilitate the project’s development.
The Guangzhou International Research Institute will also work with famous Guangzhou-based enterprises such as the GAC Group, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings to set up independent research institutes.
Founded in 1946, the SRI International was formerly a nonprofit research center of Stanford University, and separated from the university in 1970. With an annual revenue exceeding 500 million US dollars, the SRI International is among the top think tanks in the world.