Meryl Streep on Me Too and Time's Up: 'I don't think we'll go backwards'
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US movie stars Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks on Thursday gave their firm support to the MeToo and Time's Up movements as they promoted their latest movie in London.
Streep said the campaigns, which were set up to fight sexual harassment, were causing "something seismic" and affecting "the way we look at the balance of power, and the way women are excluded from most of the areas at the decision-making level”.
"The most heartening thing about it to me is that it doesn't feel like a one-off. It hasn't gone away, and I don't think it will. I don't think, I don't think we'll go backwards,” said the Oscar-winning actress.
Co-star Tom Hanks hopes that "more women are going to be awarded their positions based on the merits, the quality of their work.” He stressed that there is no reason not to say, “‘we need more women on this board, we need more women running these departments, we need more women in our company and in the decision making process so it actually represents the numbers as they truly are in our society.'"
The movie, The Post, directed by Steven Spielberg, is based on the true story of the Washington Post's renowned publisher Katherine Graham and its editor Ben Bradlee’s decision to publish the highly confidential Pentagon Papers in 1971.