International Army Games 2019: Teams test skills in Korla war games
Updated 09:50, 04-Aug-2019
This year's International Army Games has begun in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Soldiers from 12 countries, including China and Russia, are competing. CGTN's Sun Tianyuan reports.
Guns blazing, cannons rumbling. China sparkled at the opening of this year's International Army Games in Korla with stunning weapon demonstrations of surgical precision.
PAN FUQUAN MILITARY GAMES ORGANIZER "We integrated our training experience in shooting real targets for the demonstrations today. According to spectators' feedback, the effect was very strong and exciting."
20 teams from 12 countries will compete in 4 major contests, including the games' signature Suvorov Attack. 25-year-old Liu Jiaxin came hundreds miles from Urumqi to see the event for the first time.
LIU JIAXIN VISITOR "I'm curious to see the Chinese military's development progress. Who wins doesn't matter that much to me, as long as China does a good job."
The infantry fighting vehicle contest requires speed and accuracy. Participants need to race through obstacles rapidly and steadily while shooting long distance targets with great precision. The war games have also attracted female fans.
ZHANG YUYAO MILITARY FAN "I've come to see the games for three years. I'm very confident in Team China's performance this year. I think they will win every event."
The games will also test skills and tactics in air defense, equipment maintenance, and chemical, biological and nuclear defense.
LUO TING MILITARY FAN "I think the teams can also learn from each other in the games. It's important to make the best of each others' advantages."
China has participated each of the annual International Army Games since they were launched by Russia in 2015. And this is the third year China has co-hosted the event.
SUN TIANYUAN KORLA "Organizers say there will be over 100 thousand people watching the games this year. Army fans can either support their favorite teams onsite or watch their performances through live streaming at home. STY, CGTN, Korla, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region."