CBA: Beijing's Chang Lin given six-game suspension
By Wang Meng
Beijing Ducks' push to make the playoffs may have gotten a little more difficult, as the team will have to play the next six games without center Chang Lin. The 29-year-old has been told to sit out the next half-dozen games, and fined 200,000 yuan for his actions in Beijing's 108-105 win over Beikong in the Chinese Basketball Association League.
In the third quarter of the game, Beikong’s He Xining out-hustled Chang for a couple of his team high 22 points, but after scoring, Chang was seen hitting the fallen He in the head. The Beijing player was ejected from the game by the refs.
The league deemed that was worthy of a suspension and a fine. Chang's actions were in retaliation for He elbowing the Ducks' Aaron Jackson earlier in the game. The Ducks' are appealing the decision.