Survey: Half of China's post-90s like being at home alone
By China 24
A survey has found that many among China's post-90s generation are happy to be at home alone.
These "indoorsy" types have, to some extent, been seduced by the comforts of modern technology, in particular smartphones. But as CGTN reports, indoorsy people are more than capable of getting along by themselves...
It's New Year's Day, but for Xu Xingxing, a company employee in Beijing, it's simply another regular day.
"When I'm on holiday, I would spend one day or half the day shopping. Then I stay indoors for the rest of the holiday. Amongst my colleagues – most young people living alone, who are referred to as empty-nested youths  in China – are all like me," said Xu.
An online survey shows that nearly half of post-90s (in China, that means people born after 1990) admit they are indoorsy.
Not surprisingly, nearly 90 percent of them stay on their mobile phones all day long. Among the respondents, over 26 percent think the more friends they have the merrier.
Xu is among those who prefer to stay alone instead of making friends. In her leisure time, she hones her skills in calligraphy and painting. And inside her home, some of her paintings are on display.
But this doesn't mean that Xu won't reach out to others. Like nearly everyone else, she still likes to talk to her friends from time to time – but on a messenger app. She said most of her friends live far away even though they all live in the same city.
Xu said one of the issues she needs to deal with every day is making decisions on what to eat.
When the meal is delivered, she cracks open the door just enough to receive the order. She says it's safer to keep  strangers at a distance.
Being indoorsy is nothing new, but the growth of the Internet has surely helped those who want to stay behind closed doors. Many say these people are laid-back, but there's no denying that this lifestyle has helped plenty of other people who work in China's booming service industry.
This is the first episode of China 24’s special series, Voices of the Post-90s Generation. Tune in to our program this weekend to find out more.