Xi to Visit Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyz tech companies eyeing Chinese investors
Updated 17:34, 09-Jul-2019
Kyrgyzstan is one of the main countries involved in China's Belt and Road Initiative. Though most Chinese investments are focused on industries such as infrastructure, transportation and energy, there's one other that's hoping to get a boost from Chinese investors -- information technology. CGTN's Michal Bardavid has the details.
The Kyrgyz government is striving to develop the country's IT market. On June 9th with the support of the High Tech Park of Kyrgyzstan a forum was held in the capital Bishkek to bring experts in the field together. Potential clients and investors found the opportunity to network and discuss the latest trends in IT.
ALTYNBEK ISMAILOV, DIRECTOR HIGH TECHNOLOGY PARK OF THE KYRGYZ REPUBLIC "Our revenues are doubling each year, our specialists are growing by fifty percent per year, so we have this dynamic growth, we are expanding our markets, right now we export to more than 30 countries, so we are very proud of our IT sector."
Officials emphasize that Kyrgyz IT companies are eyeing Chinese investors.
ALTYNBEK ISMAILOV, DIRECTOR HIGH TECHNOLOGY PARK OF THE KYRGYZ REPUBLIC "We see the tremendous growth in China, and of course as a neighboring country we want to partner with them, and we are looking for more joint opportunities."
One of the fast growing industries is gaming.
MICHAL BARDAVID BISHKEK "Grimwood Team located in Bishkek is a company focusing on video game development. Their game World of One has become the first game from Kyrgyzstan to enter the Steam and Xbox platforms."
Co-founder of the award winning company, Sergei Alexeev emphasizes that interest in gaming has been on the rise in Kyrgyzstan.
SERGEI ALEXEEV, CO-FOUNDER GRIMWOOD TEAM "People are increasing their skills in this, they start to understand that games are also a kind of art that you need to maintain and support people who make games and they're trying to pay for games."
Alexeev explains that they too are hopeful of penetrating the Chinese market.
SERGEI ALEXEEV, CO-FOUNDER GRIMWOOD TEAM "It's a really big market, and we know that we can provide and develop products for China, and for Chinese, I think China will love us and our games."
The IT industry in Kyrgyzstan has lots of potential to bloom especially for start-up companies such as Grimwood Team, luring foreign investment from countries such as China is not only about a potential increase of revenue but also about developing their human resources and attracting talent from abroad. Michal Bardavid, CGTN, Bishkek.