Wei, the World: Audacious questions and daring experiments as China strives to further reform
CGTN's Tian Wei
What does China aspire to become? The country’s annual political season is the best time to find  answers to that question. The Two Sessions are not only about political meetings, but also an important moment to get a feel for the pulse of China. 
I started with a person of unique vision, Yao Ming, the former NBA pro who is the President of the China Basketball Association. No wonder he was the flag-bearer during the Beijing Olympic Games.
"Have you heard three very famous questions for Chinese Olympics? 'When can Chinese athletes compete in the Olympic Games?' That was answered by Liu Changchun in 1932. He was a sprinter. The second one, 'When can China win the medal?' That was answered in 1984 by Xu Haifeng. He won China’s first gold medal in pistol shooting. The third question is, 'When can China host the Olympic Games?' That was answered by our entire country in 2008."
 -  Yao Ming
Former NBA player Yao Ming (R), standing at a towering 2.29 meters, pose with CGTN host Tian Wei for a photo opportunity after an interview. /CGTN Photo

Former NBA player Yao Ming (R), standing at a towering 2.29 meters, pose with CGTN host Tian Wei for a photo opportunity after an interview. /CGTN Photo

The meaning of wisdom could be defined by the ability to ask yourself hard questions, and even more importantly, try to answer it with real action.
Ding Lei, the first generation China tech firm founder, has attracted much more attention than his peers with his experiment. He began raising pigs after becoming concerned about China’s livestock industry. At the very beginning, people thought it was a gimmick and a marketing trick he invented. However, as his experiment began to yield success, people realized that he is serious.
"I think the very important thing is that we as entrepreneurs should have an idea, that through technology and innovation, we can help backward industries achieve development. One person can’t handle a big pig farm. It needs an organization and enough patience. Although we spent seven years raising pigs. The result is satisfactory." 
 -  Ding Lei
Ding Lei, Founder and CEO of Netease. Ding Lei Courtesy

Ding Lei, Founder and CEO of Netease. Ding Lei Courtesy

That can-do spirit seems to be the common thread that links many NPC deputies and CPPCC members. Not only them, but even the special invitees. Yang Peidong is a fresh example. One of the world’s leading scientists, he has won enormous respect for developing oxygen using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. That technology could enable human beings to reach the outer space, such as the red planet Mars.
Besides that, he does believe that China’s basic research would make a great leap forward if the system to acquire the world’s best talents could be improved.
"The efforts I sort of involved is to build up their Physical Science School in Shanghai Tech University. We give them financial support to run their research. They have total freedom to run their research. Then five years later, we’ll evaluate on their accomplishment. During this process, from the very beginning, it’s recruitment. The next five years, there’s retention issue." 
 -  Yang Peidong
Tian Wei and Yang Peidong. /CGTN Photo

Tian Wei and Yang Peidong. /CGTN Photo

Daring to ask the tough but necessary questions; daring to experiment to find answers; daring to tackle the fundamental issues. One could imagine, with that audacity and many concrete actions, one can be hopeful that China is on the way to perfect itself and contribute to the bigger cause of making the world a better place.
(Tian Wei is a former Washington correspondent; now host of "World Insight with Tian Wei," moderating daily live global debates and doing exclusive interviews with the world's most outstanding people from all walks of life. She has been named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, and is passionate about public service: National Ambassador for Mental Health Advocacy, Special Advisor to UNDP.)