2018 CCTV Campus Recruitment launches
CCTV (China Central Television) began its 2018 college recruitment drive at Renmin University of China in Beijing on November 17.
The first campus talk in search of the next year’s brightest and best was themed “Hand in hand, CCTV Invites You to Build a New Era.” 
Anchors, editors, reporters and producers as well as CCTV recruits of 2017 shared their working experiences with nearly 1,000 prospective graduate students of 2018.
The students were taken through the four chapters of “beginner’s heart, dream, persistence and innovation” that capture the CCTV experience. 
Tian Wei, World Insight Anchor, CGTN

Tian Wei, World Insight Anchor, CGTN

Anchors Tian Wei and Jeff Moody presented participants with stories of how they spread China’s voice to the world through CGTN, CCTV’s global affiliate which has over 51 million overseas fans. 
Jeff Moody, CGTN

Jeff Moody, CGTN

CCTV’s foreign frontline correspondent Feng Yunxian also brought a field perspective with the real Wolf Warrior II story she experienced in Libya.
Feng Yunxian, foreign frontline correspondent, CCTV

Feng Yunxian, foreign frontline correspondent, CCTV

During the campus talk, CCTV officially released its campus recruitment statement which will be published on the official websites of CCTV and CNTV (China Network Television), CCTV’s Weibo and WeChat accounts and CCTV mobile application simultaneously. 
The company is seeking editors, reporters and producers, as well as offering job opportunities in fields such as international communications, management and technology. 
Prospective graduate students can apply by sending their resumes online through “CCTV College Recruitment” on websites such as www.cctv.cn, www.cctv.com, www.51job.com or clicking links attached to CCTV’s Weibo, WeChat and mobile application. The deadline for applications is December 10.
Resume screening, written testing and interviews will be conducted from December to January.
The 2018 CCTV Campus Recruitment schedule is as follows:
1. Mid-December: Written test for domestic students
2. Late December: Written test and interviews for overseas students
3. End of January 2018: Interviews for domestic students
4. March 2018: Sending out of job offers