Israeli company develops world’s tiniest cherry tomato
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The Israeli company Kedma said it has cultivated the smallest cherry tomato in the country, perhaps even in the world.
The "drop tomato" is about the size of a blueberry and comes in both red and yellow colors. It is sweeter than standard sized tomatoes.
“It's about 30 percent sweeter than any tomato that we know. It's like a candy,” said Ariel Kidron, a grower of Kedma in Isreal's southern Arava desert.
The seed of the new strand was originally developed in Holland and modified to match the arid growing conditions in the region.
It's a point of pride in a country known for its agricultural innovation, where fruits and vegetables are taken seriously and where several strands of the cherry tomato were first invented.
Israeli Chef Shaul Ben Aderet cooking with the “drop tomatoes”. /AP Photo

Israeli Chef Shaul Ben Aderet cooking with the “drop tomatoes”. /AP Photo

Shaul Ben Aderet, a well-known Israeli chef, got some early samples. He believes the new type of tomatoes will spawn an infinite number of new recipes.
"Regarding the size, it's simply great. We don't need to make any effort. We don't need to cut it. It’s nice, and it's very sexy.”
“It's balanced with sweetness and sourness in a perfect way. It behaves well by cooking, by baking and roasting. Chefs will enjoy that for sure," he said.
Source(s): AP