'China's War on Poverty': CGTN, PBS SoCal release documentary on poverty alleviation
Updated 13:24, 06-Aug-2019
'Voices from the Frontline: China's War on Poverty' is a documentary co-presented by CGTN and PBS SoCal in the United States. It was broadcast in Southern California last week. The documentary was hosted by Dr. Robert Kuhn, who also created CGTN's documentary series, 'Closer to China'. He spoke to our correspondent Liling Tan in New York.
LILING TAN NEW YORK "In Guizhou, it took almost an hour by a motorcycle to get to the poor family, what did you make of that?"
DR. ROBERT KUHN HOST, 'VOICES FROM THE FRONTLINE: CHINA'S WAR ON POVERTY' "Well, first of all, I am not a motorcycle, and the road is not the best and I was on the back seat of a motorcycle driven by a young official and I'm on his round and what he is doing is that he is responsible for all the poor families in the village he was working with and he visits them often and as they move out as they encourage but they don't force so some people just don't want to move even their living standard by our criteria will be much higher, they don't want to move and they won't force them to move, they encourage them and use peer pressure. So the officials have to visit and be sure all the poor families are taking care of. And you know the families we went to are extremely poor, you saw that and things you know and the older and obviously they have very little substance but they are in charge of their own life so to see that, it was both seeing the people themselves I guess we know what poor people are what impress me even more was these young officials who are dedicated to helping them and when I first started that, to learn about it when I met some officials and they are sort of in late twenties or early thirties, most of them are from a major city or province, they are in the government department, lower or mid-lower level because they were young and when they work in the village, my assumption was they be there for a few weeks and come back where be once checked but I find that the normal size is 2 for years."