Belt & Road Initiative: Kid reporters in SW China ready to bring countries closer
Updated 22:31, 13-Aug-2019
Sixty children in southwest China are getting a rare and unique opportunity to explore the ancient Silk Road. It's part of a national program to enhance mutual understanding and bring different cultures closer together.
The teenagers, known as kid reporters, are originally from China's southwestern Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces. On Tuesday morning, they joined local pop singers at a flash mob show, kicking off a ten-day journey on three routes to countries in Europe and Southeast Asia. The UK, France and Thailand will be just a few of their stops. 
They will interview officials and business people on the latest outcomes of the Belt and Road Initiative, and present cultural exchange activities showcasing local elements in Sichuan, known as the land of abundance, and the hometown of giant pandas. The annual event, launched by China's National Radio and Television Administration, and Chengdu TV Station in 2017, is in its third edition.
XU JIA, INTL. COOPERATION DEPARTMENT CHINA STATE RADIO & TV ADMINISTRATION "This program is helpful to strengthen cultural exchanges among young people along the Belt and Road routes. It serves as a platform for them to introduce China to the outside world, and see the world through their own eyes."
SHI KAIYUAN CHENGDU KID REPORTER "It's crucial for us to expand our horizons to see the world, and look at the vastness of this globe. We'd like to know what other people's cultures are like, what the differences are, and what the similarities are?"
YANG MEI PROGRAM ORGANIZER "We want children to have more opportunities to improve their self-confidence, and communication skills, among other capabilities. And we hope that they can introduce the world to local culture and history in Chengdu."