Beijing Intl. Horticultural Expo: Promoting nature and green living worldwide
Updated 09:41, 04-Jun-2019
The Beijing International Horticultural Expo, which runs through October, is widely seen as the best way to demonstrate China's commitment to ecological progress. CGTN reporter GUAN YANG reports.
This pair of pruning shears is Zhangtao's best friend. The 58-year-old gardener has been tending to the flowers and trees in Guanmenshan National Forest Park for nearly 10 years. As Zhang will tell you, this job has no "off-season".
ZHANG TAO, GARDENER GUANMENSHAN NATIONAL FOREST PARK, LIAONING PROVINCE "The fire prevention, the water quality monitoring, the pest control, and the maintenance after tourist season, there is always something to do to save green."
The ongoing International Horticultural Expo in Beijing calls for the concept that every city should have its own back garden, and take care of them. Back to the forest park, locals have turned down many commercial projects like sky trams and river drifting, so as to leave nature alone.
GUAN YANG GUANMENSHAN NATIONAL FOREST PARK, LIAONING PROVINCE "The Beijing International Horticultural Expo underlined a stronger connection between humans and nature, as well as managing the environmental issues in a scientific way. What's more, the ideas of embracing nature and green living from the event soon received widespread acclaim nationwide."
TANG JINGXUAN, MANAGER GUANMENSHAN NATIONAL FOREST PARK, LIAONING PROVINCE "Most scenic areas have their own long-term development plans, the question is whether or not people can stick to the principles of environmental conservation that are in accordance with the rules of nature, especially while facing commercial temptations."
The 162-day expo has provided an opportunity for the world to see what China has achieved in living green and living better, since protecting the environment is everyone's job, changes in people's habits often reflect the progress in mainstream society.
TANG JINGXUAN, MANAGER GUANMENSHAN NATIONAL FOREST PARK, LIAONING PROVINCE "When I first started working here, we had to stop tourists from picking flowers or leaving trash behind, but now people show more concern towards the environment. Raising such awareness is in line with the nature-caring manner that the expo promotes."
GUAN YANG, CGTN, Liaoning Province.