Chinese phone maker Vivo brings working in-display fingerprint sensor to CES 2018
By Gong Zhe
Where is the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone? On the home button, on the back or maybe it doesn't have one at all?
Now there is a more convenient solution that has been put into an actual product: Under the screen.
Chinese phone maker Vivo is showing off a new smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor made by touch-device maker Synaptics, as promised last month.
According to a demonstration video on The Verge, the scanner is still located at lower end of the device, like a virtual button. but after unlocking the phone, same area of the screen will respond like a regular touchscreen.
The Verge reported that the technology can currently only work with OLED screens, which can be widely seen on Samsung phones.
In the demo, the sensor responds as fast as a standard fingerprint sensor.
CGTN reporters in Las Vegas will also try out the phone. We will update with our review later.
It's natural for a touchscreen device to have the fingerprint scanning part in its display, as most touching is done by fingers now (sorry Samsung Note series).
But the industry has been struggling for years to fit the scanner in-even companies like Apple, which love to add magic-like features to their products, gave up the fingerprint scanner in their "future-defining" iPhone X and replaced it with a face scanner.
Another Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, will also feature in-screen fingerprint sensors in their 2018 phones.
Huawei Photo

Huawei Photo

"We are stilling waiting for the technology to mature. Our standard is higher," said He Gang, the company's head of mobile phone department.