Innovative Technology: Chinese automaker and tech companies jointly launch a 5G bus
Updated 17:29, 09-Jul-2019
During the Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship week being held in the eastern city of Hangzhou, China's largest private automaker Geely, along with China Mobile, Huawei technologies and others launches a 5G bus on Friday. How will this 5G bus make our daily commuting easier and safer? CGTN's Wu Lei takes us a closer look.
With more cars on the road, passengers are suffering from headaches over traffic jams, and now expect more intelligent and safer public transportation.
WU LEI HANGZHOU "After being equipped with the latest 5G technology and Internet of things facilities, this bus has become one of the most intelligent and efficient vehicles on the road."
With the help of facial recognition technologies on this bus, passengers don't have to pay in cash, card or mobile phones, they can just pay with their face.
And of course if any wanted criminals appear on the bus, the control center will know and take action immediately.
After installing 5G-enabled Advanced Driver Assistance Systems on this bus, the detectors and cameras will send the data back to this screen, helping drivers detect pedestrians, and understand the surrounding environment, including any collision possibilities.
Following the 5G technology upgrade, this driver-monitoring camera will detect a driver's status and send it back to the control center in real time. This system will help keep the drivers and this area as secure as possible.
WU LEI HANGZHOU "The 5G network will not only provide faster download speed, but also guarantee the mass connectivity. There are around 20 smart cameras on the bus, the control center will know whether it is crowded inside the bus, and the positioning system will tell which route is the best and efficient one. They can adjust the traffic accordingly."
This 5G bus is a joint effort of several companies including Geely Group, China Mobile, Huawei technologies, and others.
One of the most anticipated products under the 5G network is autonomous driving. Of course that will need more collaboration between automakers and tech companies. That's because the cars, the technologies and all related facilities need to be updated and adjusted accordingly. WL, CGTN, HZ.