WEF China Officer talks Trump coming to Davos Forum

By CGTN's World Insight

The World Economic Forum in Davos is to be held from 23rd to 26th of this month. In such a fractured world, can the conference mend fences and solicit consensus? Apparently, people from all over the world are ready to try at the Swiss winter resort. CGTN’s Tian Wei will be there to cover the forum. Before that, she caught up with David Aikman, Chief Representative Officer in China for the World Economic Forum, to offer insights before the meeting starts.
“We have over 60 heads of state and heads of government. You have to remember that the annual meeting starting at the beginning of the year is the way for people to look forward. So Justine Trudeau will be there outlining the agenda for the G7, President Macri from Argentina will be there outlining the G20 agenda…we also have Brazil and India representing the BRICS,” said Aikman.
But what makes annual meeting dramatic is the presence of another top leader who was known as an anti-globalization figure. 
President Donald Trump / VCG Photo

President Donald Trump / VCG Photo

“Donald Trump will be coming, yes. I think people are very excited to hear from him directly about his “America First” agenda and what that means for them. I think the fact that he is coming to engage with the international community is a very positive sign,” said Aikman. 
At the Davos Forum last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a speech claiming to the international community about China’s stance, which was widely applauded by members of participants.
Aikman believes the speech by President Xi last year was “truly historic.” 
President Xi Jinping / Xinhua Photo

President Xi Jinping / Xinhua Photo

“What I was very heartened to see was that throughout the year, at the major global events which China was engaged, whether it was hosting the Belt and Road forum or whether it was President’s Xi speaking at G20 or APEC… that message of continued engagement and the support of international-rule based order was a consistent message and consistent theme right up until the president’s end of the year address to the nation. So, I think clearly, China is a driving force in terms of making sure the globalization continues to work for everyone,” said Aikman.
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