Green products at CES to improve urban environments
By CGTN's Phil Lavelle
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More than 120,000 new products have been launched at CES, the world's largest consumer electronics show, in Las Vegas.
As the environment is a big focus this year, many green products are being showcased.
R-Pur mask is one of the products grabbing attention. The mask is designed for riders of bicycles and motorcycles to keep out harmful pollutants, including viruses.
The company’s co-founder, Flavien Hello, said that the R-Pur device is the first in the world to filter out extremely small particles.
"Small particles are dangerous for health because they go into the blood system and they damage the organs. This filter is a five-layer filter that protects you against thin particles and nano-sized particles, very small ones," Hello said.
R-PUR anti-pollution mask on display at CES 2018. /VCG Photo

R-PUR anti-pollution mask on display at CES 2018. /VCG Photo

Another eye-catching product is a solar-powered vehicle produced by LightYear.
"You never have to even plug it in, and not even Tesla can compete with us," said LightYear's Tom Selten.
“Because we're in a whole other market,” said Selten. “They rely on the grid and we don't. We are going to actually scale in India and Africa, where there is no charging infrastructure."
Other green products, such as indoor gardening and smart water monitors are also on display. The world's problems may not be completely solved at the show, but there are thousands of people there with thousands of products, many of which are expected to make a real difference.