CCTV Campus Recruitment 2018: Seminars kick off at Renmin
By Ren Xueqian
CGTN’s parent company, China Central Television (CCTV), has held the first of three on-campus recruitment seminars in Beijing.
The event served to provide students with information about the organization, as well as to officially open its online recruitment for 2018.
About 1,000 students were on hand on Friday to meet CCTV reporters and anchors and to hear their stories of working for China’s leading news network.
For many college graduates, taking that first step in the right direction when leaving school is important. CCTV news reporters and anchors are keen to help aspiring journalists to navigate and land a job at the country’s most influential media platform. 
Tian Wei, journalist and anchor of CGTN’s popular debate show World Insight, said that while it’s easy to see journalists on TV and on the internet these days, events such as the seminar are important because they encourage interactions between students and reporters. 
Tian Wei, CGTN anchor. /CGTN Photo

Tian Wei, CGTN anchor. /CGTN Photo

“I think we have an enormous amount of persuasion power today,” Tian said. “People see us in action in our physical form and not just a face on TV. I’m very proud of an opportunity like this, and I would love to have future opportunities like this to be with the students, with those who trust us, and talk to them.”
The students said that in addition to meeting working professionals, hearing them recount their experiences behind the camera is not only inspiring but also helpful in understanding the different aspects of a media career.
“I think the most moving and interesting part of the event is to hear the reporters’ behind-the-scene experiences,” one student said. “It draws attention to the human side of the profession and the importance of accurate storytelling for journalists.”
Online applications only are being accepted for positions in editorial, communications, business management, digital media, human resources and other areas from November 17 to December 10.
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