​How does the CPC elect its leaders?
The Communist Party of China (CPC) will elect a new leadership in October when delegates gather at the 19th CPC National Congress, which lasts about a week. This is one of the key tasks for the Party Congress every five years, but it takes much more than seven days.  
What’s the initial process? 
The procedure begins when working groups travel across China searching for nominees to the new Central Committee of the CPC. 
Four categories are assessed when considering suitability for promotion: political stance, work experience, training, and years of Party membership. 


The proposed list of candidates is then reported to the Political Bureau of the existing Central Committee for approval. 
And what will happen during the 19th CPC National Congress? 
Once approved, the list will be discussed and voted on via secret ballot by delegates at the CPC National Congress in Beijing, and a new Central Committee will be formed. 
This group of around 200 people will get to work straightaway, first electing the new Political Bureau, which numbered 25 people in 2012. 
Next it will elect the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau, which comprised seven members in 2012. Finally, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, who must be a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau, will be chosen.

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