Tunisia Energy: Chinese experts help build solar power plant
Updated 22:02, 28-Jul-2019
Chinese experts have been helping Tunisia set up a solar power plant. Tunisia has enormous untapped solar power potential and aims to develop at least 835 megawatts of solar power plants by 2030. With more details, here's CGTN's Adnen Chaouachi.
A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Tunisian authorities and Chinese companies specialized in renewable energy, with a view to making the most of their expertise in matters of solar energy.
ZIED LADHARI TUNISIA'S INVESTMENT AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION MINISTER "Strengthening cooperation with Chinese enterprises is one of the objectives of Tunisian ministries and companies. There are many opportunities in the renewable energy sector. It is a win win partnership between Tunisia and China."
Experts in renewable energies noted that China is a renewable energy superpower and that Tunisia can benefit from Chinese expertise in this domain.
PROF. SALMA OUIDA RENEWABLE ENERGY EXPERT, TUNIS UNIVERSITY "Solar energy is available in Tunisia. Photo-voltaic panels can be used to produce megawatts of electricity. Chinese companies have full mastery of the technology and the produced energy."
Many Tunisian companies are specialized in the distribution of photo-voltaic solar panels. Professionals import their equipment and products from China.
NABILA GUEDES MANAGER, SOCEP COMPANY "We're importing our products from China. The Chinese market is very competitive in terms of quality, technology and price."
The Minister of Energy stressed that the development of a renewable energy code aims to create a regulatory body for the electricity and gas sectors to oversee the coexistence of private renewable energy developers, independent electricity producers and self-producers.
ADNEN CHAOUACHI TUNIS "Tunisia's economic city, Sfax, is hosting a regional symposium on the solar photovoltaic energy sector. About 60 institutions and representatives of companies operating in the field of renewable energies will discuss ways of strengthening cooperation with local and international partners especially Chinese enterprises. AC, CGTN, TUNIS."