When 17th Century Meets 21st Century: Illustration exhibition opens in Shanghai
Meanwhile in Shanghai, the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition is taking place at the Duo'yun'xuan Art Center. The exhibition is back for an encore after first appearing in 2016. Zhang Ningben has more.
This year the exhibition is themed "When 17th Century Meets 21st century", which showcases the works of Dutch artist Martine Brand's illustrations, combining the elements of children and fashion.
MARTINE BRAND DUTCH ARTIST "I tried to keep emotions in the illustrations because the child loves emotions. Kids' collections, the catalogue, I made illustrations in the catalogue for the fashion designers. I'm very proud to be in China, in Shanghai."
"My son loves painting and he has been learning for many years. I think the event will interest children and I hope it can inspire my son's imagination and open his horizons."
The exhibition features 385 works from 77 artists from around the world. The Bologna Illustration Awards, organized by the Bologna Children's Book Fair, have been given to outstanding illustrators since 1966. It has been widely described as the most respected awards of its kind in the world.
QIAN YITAO DUOYUNXUAN ART CENTER "But here, we decide to make it wider, because we decide to extend it more, so when young illustrators and amateurs or people who are interested in illustrations, when they come to this exhibition they can see what they can do for the future career plan. And therefore we had this special exhibition that is going to show what illustrations can do and how it can link with fashion."
The exhibition runs until July 9th. Tickets for adults are 85 yuan, and 65 yuan for children and students.