Africa from a new angle: Company offers private jet safari experience
By CGTN's Oliver Jarvis
Seeing the world from the skies is so much more majestic and eye-opening – it offers unparalleled views to the end of horizons from such a height that trees turn to grass, and millions of migrating animals in the open African Savannah form patterns never-before-seen.
It’s hard to imagine an African safari from a bird’s eye view, counting lions from the comfort of your plane seat. But Roar Africa is offering adventurers the chance to soar through half-pipe mountain ranges and scour endless Savannah plains in the safari of a lifetime.
Launching in 2018, a brand new private jet experience will give tourists in Africa a unique safari experience.
The new private jet experience offers an unparalleled view of Africa. /Roar Africa Photo

The new private jet experience offers an unparalleled view of Africa. /Roar Africa Photo

As tourism on the continent picks up, and operators design new ways to experience what is on offer here, companies like Roar Africa are combining luxury with adventure.
Beginning in Tanzania's Kilimanjaro, the private jet carries explorers to Zimbabwe and into South Africa. The trip offers tourists the chance to see incredible sights like the "Great Migration" near the Serengeti National Park and South Africa’s Sabi Sand Game Reserve.
Hyenas spotted on safari. /Roar Africa Photo

Hyenas spotted on safari. /Roar Africa Photo

Conservation and tourism
In recent years, governments have been keen on creating a synergy between tourism and conservation. 
Coining the term eco-tourism, the concept is to educate tourists on the importance of the environment, by letting them enjoy themselves whilst experiencing what nature has to offer. 
The concept of eco-tourism is based on the hope that the more people talk about, and experience firsthand, the issues facing the environment – then the more people are likely to want to do something about it.
A view of a mountain from the sky. /Roar Africa Photo

A view of a mountain from the sky. /Roar Africa Photo

With conservation now the main mission statement of all of Africa’s game reserves, operators are looking to embrace eco-tourism to become beneficial for both local communities and the environment, as well as the companies themselves. 
With wildlife numbers depleting across the globe, conservationists are urging tour operators to do more to protect the environment.
New tourist and eco-friendly experiences are cropping up all over Africa, with the Nile bungee jump, to "glamping" in the Masai Mara – they are all focused on bringing tourists both unique and pleasurable experiences without harming the environment.
Experts are optimistic that these projects will bring a sustainable income for local communities and, in turn, protect the continent’s treasured natural resources.