China Uzbekistan Ties: Bilateral trade has jumped over 100-fold since 1991
Updated 17:51, 20-Aug-2019
Since China and Uzbekistan established diplomatic ties in 1991, trade volume between them has grown over 100 times. As Uzbekistan unveils a new embassy in Beijing, the ambassador has told CGTN that the country has great expectations for its relationship with China.
BAKHTIYOR SAIDOV UZBEK AMBASSADOR TO CHINA "Relations between Uzbekistan and China are growing very fast, very enthusiastically. Bilateral trade doubled from 2017 to 2018, and our goal now is to have the volume double this year too. Meanwhile, there are over 1,500 Chinese companies investing in Uzbekistan, that's twice the number from 27 years ago, and growing very fast in the last couple of years. This shows that companies from the two countries trust each other's policies and investment climates. And as we have played a key role on the ancient Silk Road, we will contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative."