PLA Air force video gone viral in China
A “Hollywood” style promotion video for the Chinese air force, released ahead of the 90th anniversary of the Chinese armed forces the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), has been a hit on social media outlets with millions of views and thousands of shares in just two days. 
If viewers don’t know what it is about, they might think they are watching a scene from a movie packed with amazing visuals, intense atmosphere, and difficult acrobatic moves. But this is the real deal, action-packed antics of the PLA Air force.
The video takes you inside the real world of the Chinese air force to experience the action on the front-line.  Pilots taking flight, fighter jets soaring, with jets doing a series of extremely difficult high flying acrobats.  It also shows a real-life simulation of combat missions with paratroopers jumping into action, air assaults, and ground combat as soldiers close in on enemy lines.    
Let's check out the 3-minute glimpse of modern Chinese Air Force!