'Joy Dancing Beijing': Youth cultural exchange week kicks off in Beijing
Updated 14:26, 11-Aug-2019
"Joy Dancing Beijing" 2019, an exchange week for international youth art has kicked off in the Chinese capital. Currently in its eighth edition, the cultural extravaganza began Saturday afternoon and gathers thousands of youth performing groups from around the world to showcase their native culture. CGTN's  You Yang has more.
At the foot of the Great Wall, along the Guiwei river, the 8th cultural and art exchange week of international youth has kicked off in Beijing. Thousands of youth performing groups from thirteen Belt and Road countries, have gathered to showcase their native culture. During the exchange week, they will also have the chance to tour Beijing and experience China's traditional culture.
SIENNA AUSTRALIAN YOUTH PERFORMING GROUP "This is an amazing event and such an amazing experience for all of us, coming to another country and performing for everyone."
LAYREN AUSTRALIAN YOUTH PERFORMING GROUP "This event will bring us happiness and joy, as well as a new opportunity for us to show off our dancing, and where we come from as well. And also for everyone to show off our nationalities and bring them together at such an amazing event."
BRENDA ESCAJADILLO PERUVIAN YOUTH PERFORMING GROUP "I love it, since it's my first time in China, and also my first time participating here. So I think it's a great experience. Also, I love the country. It's a powerful country. We can see new things, we're very excited."
DONG ZHI CAI RANG CHINESE YOUTH PERFORMING GROUP "I have seen many performances from other countries that I've never seen before."
The cultural exchange week lasts for six days from August the 9th to the 14th. It features a variety of activities including outdoor carnivals, themed cultural exchanges, and a local art tour. Officials say the event is trying to build a bridge of cultural and art exchange for both Chinese and international youth.
GUO HAIXIA, PRODUCER JOY DANCING BEIJING 2019 "It's the 8th edition of this cultural exchange event since 2012. We've seen a lot of youth from the world coming to China, to Beijing, to know and learn Chinese culture. And, we've also seen youth from China get to know the culture of other countries without going abroad."
Civilization is colored by exchange and enriched through mutual learning. Beijing is glad to see thirteen countries, in different colors and with different cultures, come together, to exchange and learn from each other.