AI to change our lifestyle and jobs in 10 years, says expert
‍‍‍‍By CGTN’s World Insight
If there is one concept that has marked 2017, it must be artificial intelligence (AI). According to China’s leading AI software company iFLYTEK, it’s going to change people's lifestyle and jobs in the coming decade.
“AI plus” is the future of mankind, Zhang Wuxu, general manager of international development at iFLYTEK told CGTN’s World Insight during an interview at their Beijing office. 
“Humans have their own lifestyle and they have their jobs. And they also have to have services from the society. So that divided into two sub-concepts - one is AI plus lifestyle, and the other is AI plus vertical industries,” said Zhang.
The business world has jumped on AI technologies, especially those budding companies which consider it “THE” chance for their future. And many of them are from China.
Earlier this year at the annual meeting of China's top legislature the National People's Congress, a video capturing an off-the-cuff moment of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang discussing AI with entrepreneurs went viral.  
The app used by the Chinese premier was designed by iFLYTEK, which started by specializing in voice-based Internet and mobile products, such as phone apps for simultaneous multilingual translation, voice-input and Siri-like intelligent personal assistant programs.
But for many, AI is still far removed from today’s daily life. Integration of AI technologies into people’s lives and jobs will be the mission of tech companies, Zhang argued. And the change will take place just in 10 years, according to him.
“We have already made much progress in the vertical industries. And after the increase of hot spots of AI, the technology is going to be better than ever,” said Zhang.
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