Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang denies sexual assault allegations
By Wang Jia
Filmmaker and actor Eric Tsang said that he had taken legal action against one of two people who have accused him of sexual misconduct. 
Tsang, the most recognized name in Hong Kong film industry, is one of many high-profile Asian stars facing sexual accusations amid a global campaign against sexual harassment.
Addressing the issue for the first time at a press conference on Wednesday, Tsang slammed the accusations as invalid and said they have tarnished his reputation.
"There are some false reports about me that surfaced on the Internet recently," he said. "These are very serious accusations against me. They have had an effect on my reputation".
Tsang, who is also known as a comedic actor and host of variety and game shows, said he has taken legal actions against one of his two accusers - Grace Han.
Han, the Chinese godmother of the modeling industry, has accused Tsang of making sexual advances on her models in the past. Han started posting on China's Twitter-like Weibo in January after rape rumors began circulating, and claimed that Tsang had made "sexual assaults on female celebrities more than once". 
"Regarding Madam Han's untrue accusations on Sina Weibo, I have already undertaken legal action to sue her. Currently, legal proceedings are underway," said Tsang, who took no questions from reporters.
Tsang also denied the recent online rumors that swirled on Weibo which alleged that he raped former actress Yammie Lam.
Hundreds of netizens have voiced their supports on Han’s Weibo account. One comment liked by more than 200 people reads, “What is true cannot become false, and what is false cannot become true.”
Screenshot of Han's post on Weibo: "Holding a press conference doesn’t mean he’s an honest man." 

Screenshot of Han's post on Weibo: "Holding a press conference doesn’t mean he’s an honest man." 

Later on Wednesday, Han took to Weibo in what appeared to be a response to Tsang, writing, “Holding a press conference doesn’t mean he’s an honest man.”
Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's sexual scandals brought about the #MeToo campaign, which aimed at raising awareness of sexual harassment and assault and encouraged more and more sexual harassment survivors to stand up and speak out. 
The social media campaign was last month named Time magazine's 2017 "Person of the Year".