"Icy boy" who took freezing hour-long trek to school melts hearts of millions
Children are in need of the best care society can provide. But sometimes, even little kids can display a level of bravery and grit that leaves adults in awe.
Many young boys would gladly skip school on cold winter days, but eight-year-old Wang Fuman is different.
The boy from a remote village in southwest China walked in 9 degrees Celsius below the freezing point for an hour to get to school, so he could take his end-of-semester exam.
The freezing journey has brought interest in the "icy boy" to a boiling point online.
"All the suffering that you are undergoing now will enlighten your future road," one Internet comment reads. "Does anyone know his address? I want to help, maybe donate some clothes," says another. 
Some have sought out his family so they could help them out.
The plight of one boy has also spurred authorities to act for the benefit of many.
In less than 2 days, some 300,000 yuan were donated to make this winter just a little more comfortable for kids in this remote part of the country.
It's now come to light that the boy lives with several siblings and their grandparents in this humble home. Their dad, who works hundreds of miles away, only gets to return home a couple of times a year to visit.
Wang is one of millions of so-called "left-behind children" in China. They're called as such because their parents have left their rural homes to earn a living in big cities.
This winter, his new-found Internet fame brought his dad home early. And his icy hair has melted the hearts of many.