China-ROK-Japan Ties: Chinese FM: 3 should send positive signal on multilateralism
Updated 17:10, 13-May-2019
Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi asks Japan and the Republic of Korea to work with China to counter what he calls "the major challenge of unilateralism". Without naming a target, Wang made the remarks Friday at an international forum for trilateral cooperation in Beijing. Meanwhile, other forum participants also voiced concern over rising protectionism. CGTN's Sun Ye has more.
Three of Asia's top economies face historic challenges, strong words from Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Friday, who warned of problems arising from protectionism. But he said China, Japan and the Republic of Korea can work together and turn possible problems into opportunities.
WANG YI CHINESE FOREIGN MINISTER "We should work together more closely than ever before. Trilateral cooperation will help champion an open economy and boost Asia's overall growth."
Wang urged stepping up efforts with multilateral trade schemes like the RCEP, and trilateral Free Trade Agreement. Suggestions echoed by other forum attendees.
YOKOI YUTAKA JAPANESE AMBASSADOR TO CHINA "In the face of rising protectionism, it is paramount for us three countries to stress the importance of free trade."
Though few directly discussed the impact of the China-US trade spat, experts admit the conflict looms large on the future of the region.
LEE JONG-HEON SECRETARY-GENERAL, TRILATERAL COOPERATION SECRETARIAT "China, Japan and ROK have been the biggest beneficiaries of a free trade system. We are worried about trade conflict between China and the US. It may mean losing hard-won economic growth for us all."
Lee says by working together, the three countries can overcome the repercussions. The three nations have increased exchanges and communication on all levels of society in recent years.
SUN YE BEIJING "Marking two decades of trilateral cooperation, a leaders' summit will be held within the year in China. SY, CGTN, BJ.