Intl. Horticultural Exhibition: Japanese pavilion showcases exquisite gardening techniques
Updated 19:30, 05-May-2019
In today's segment, we explore the beauty and philosophy behind Japanese gardens. CGTN's Wang Mengzhen takes us to one at this year's Horticultural Expo.
WANG MENGZHEN BEIJING "Welcome to the expo's Japanese garden. The Philosophy behind this is to show Japanese people's gratitude towards nature. The first thing that catches our eyes is the Japanese-style pond setting, with water flowing from mountains into a pond at the center of the garden. 
On the east side, a teahouse is here for you to enjoy some rest and relaxation. With traditional tea house decorations like stone lanterns and a washbasin, I am sure you can find a sense of inner peace and serenity here. 
Keep walking and you will see the unique Japanese architecture, a steel-framed-structure pavilion without a single pillar. Inside, a huge, captivating display of traditional Japanese floral art known as Ikenobo. We got a chance to talk with its designer."
MASAMI MIURA EXHIBITOR, JAPANESE PAVILION, BEIJING INTL. HORTICULTURAL EXPO "The 5.57-meter-long work marks the 557 years of the Ikenobo, which actually originated in China. Meanwhile, by using evergreen pines, it shows my hope that the China-Japan friendship will last forever."
WANG MENGZHEN BEIJING "Maybe we should come back again, since exhibitors here change the decor every two weeks to present diverse flowers and lifestyles for all four seasons. It's a must see!"
Wang Mengzhen, CGTN, at the Japanese garden of the Beijing International Horticultural expo.