Hong Kong Riots: How does recent violence undermine the law?
Updated 15:48, 04-Aug-2019
The recent violence has not only affected the stability of Hong Kong, but also violates the law. CGTN reporter Zhu Dan interviewed a local barrister. He explained what constitutes a crime.  
1. We're seeing an escalation of violence during the protests. Some protesters have violently charged police stations, vandalized vehicles, and set fire in various places. Tell us the consequences they will face.
2. Four protesters were spotted climbing the flagstaff to remove the Chinese flag, which they flung into the sea and they then left the scene. What does this mean? What are the penalties?
3. Hong Kong police long priding themselves on being "Asia's finest" given the city's international reputation for public safety and order. But now the officers are frustrated and under emotional stress due to the long hours as well as the physical and verbal attacks. How do you think of police handling of the situation?
4. We're seeing clear chains of command and supply to the protesters, what is behind that?