Opposing a Trade War: International voices against U.S.-imposed trade war keep growing
Updated 13:41, 05-Jun-2019
As the international community is being increasingly affected by the U.S.-imposed trade war, more opposing voices are heard this week. Besides, many of them have expressed support for China's latest white paper regarding China's stance on economic and trade talks with the U.S.
GERD KAMINSKI, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT AUSTRIA-CHINA ASSOCIATION "Chinese have a moderate answer and a reasonable answer. Everybody can understand it. And I think it is a proper answer. We don't let America interfere with our relations with China."
STEPHEN BWANSA, REPRESENTATIVE CONGO PEOPLE'S PARTY FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEMOCRACY "From the white paper, we can see that China is the victim of this U.S. imposed trade war. China has also been treated unfairly. It's reasonable that China released its stance. We all know that a law or an international rule is set to follow. Hope the U.S. can also be aware of China's reasonable concerns."