Charlie Chaplin fans march to honor his 129th birthday in W India

2018-04-17 21:52 GMT+8

1 / 3   Wearing bowler hats, fake mustaches and carrying walking sticks, around three hundred of Charlie Chaplin fans flowed through Adipur, a small town in Western India's Gujarat, on Wednesday to celebrate the legendary comic actor's 129th birthday. /VCG Photo


2 / 3   Every year on April 16, to honor the great silent actor, participants, most of which are from a local fan club that has been marking Chaplin’s birthday annually since 1973, imitate his slapstick style in a parade. The club was found by Ashok Aswani, a Chaplin enthusiast and impersonator. /VCG Photo


3 / 3   People used black marker pens to draw on Chaplin’s signature toothbrush mustache. /VCG Photo

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