Beijing achieves air quality goal in 2017
The air quality in Beijing improved in 2017 as anti-pollution goals were achieved, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau announced on Wednesday. 
The average density of air pollutant PM 2.5, at 58 micrograms per cubic meter of air, was in line with the target set by the State Council, the agency said.
The density dropped by 20.5 percent compared with the average level in 2016,  Liu Baoxian, deputy director of the Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center, told a news conference.
The number of days that air quality met the standard also rose in 2017, accounting for 62.1 percent of the year, whereas the ratio was 48.2 percent in 2013.
The State Council in September 2013 ordered Beijing to reduce its PM 2.5 density to around 60 micrograms per cubic meter of air by 2017.