East Meets West: Artists thrill their fans in Kampala at annual Afro-fusion festival
Updated 10:49, 19-Aug-2019
In Uganda, artists have thrilled their fans at a concert dubbed East meets West. The Afro-beat festival, the first of its kind in Uganda, featured artists from Nigeria and the East African region. CGTN's Hillary Ayesiga reports.
It's party time at Kampala's hockey grounds.
Artists do their best to keep the fans entertained.
They are dancing to the Afro-beat rhythm.
BEN SOUL KENYAN ARTIST "It is such an amazing thing to see that Africans now want to collaborate and do stuff together and I am so happy to be part of it."
HILLARY AYESIGA KAMPALA, UGANDA "Revelers here are being treated to a mixture of music genres, from West African dance styles to East African tunes. Organizers hope to bring the two cultures closer at this concert."
The event also promotes creative art such as fashion wear and face painting among others.
CHRISTIAN KAMANYA ORGANIZER "The main intention of East meets West is not only to look at the musicians but also basically to look at every African and every East African who is out there and they have talent. That's why we are having body painters and people selling clothes."
To keep the rhythm flowing, more artists get on stage.
KING PERRYY NIGERIAN ARTIST "Together we stand and divided we fall, this is my first time in Uganda and it's amazing. It's good that Africa is coming together with one sound, one music."
The Afro-fusion festival is now an annual event.
And as revelers groove the night away, they hope to bridge the two cultures through music and dance. HILLARY AYESIGA, CGTN, KAMPALA.