Apple replies to the cracked iPhone 8 Plus scandal
By Guo Meiping
Although it is unclear if iPhone 8 performed well in terms of sales, the new model of the iPhone has Apple definitely facing some troubles as a customer from Taiwan claimed that her new iPhone 8 Plus cracked open while charging. 
The customer, Ms. Wu told local media that the incident occurred on September 26, three days after she purchased her 64GB rose gold iPhone 8 Plus. The device cracked open three minutes after Ms. Wu started the charging process, and then she pulled out the plug immediately. According to Ms. Wu, there was no noticeable explosion during the process.
But both Apple and the reseller claimed that the crack has nothing to do with an explosion. “It was caused by the swell of the battery,” reseller Mr. Zhang told local media. “It usually happens after using the device for a fair amount of time.”
Ms. Wu has already received a new iPhone 8 Plus as a replacement for the cracked one from the reseller.
Xinhua reported that Apple said they will release more details after investigating the case.
According to The Korean Economic Daily, Apple’s new series iPhone 8 and iPhone X adopted batteries sourced from Samsung SDI, the same ones used for the Samsung Note 7, which became notorious for exploding.
iPhone 8s are plied up in warehouses. /PChome Photo via CCTV

iPhone 8s are plied up in warehouses. /PChome Photo via CCTV

Because of the lack of new and improved technology, and reduced prices from some resellers, lots of people who already purchased the iPhone 8 decided to cancel their orders and reject deliveries, CCTV reported.