Hong Kong Protests: Police official: Increasingly violent & disruptive actions cause chaos
Updated 11:43, 19-Aug-2019
Earlier our reporter talked to David Jordan, Senior Superintendent of Hong Kong Police. He said the protesters' disruptive actions have led to huge disruptions to social order. 
VOICE OF DAVID JORDAN SENIOR SUPERINTENDENT, HONG KONG POLICE "What has been very noticeable is that the level of violence, the level of aggression and the utilization of increasingly dangerous weapons against the police has become increasingly common. There is a routine now where what is initially a peaceful demonstration would very quickly change into a proactive violent and destructive group of individuals who are only concerned that attacking a police station, police officers who are deployed simply to maintain order. All to cause huge disruption by proactively blocking roads.
What is very noticeable is that there has been a willingness from the protesters to use increasingly violent means, increasingly disruptive methods to cause chaos. And they have an intend, I believe, if they have a chance, to physically harm police officers.
I strongly believe that the Hong Kong police forces are still one of the most professional in the world.
We are dealing with a set of circumstances and challenges unseen before in Hong Kong. The utilization of particularly social media to cast a bad light on the police is definitely having some impact on the population. But a lot of it is unfortunately just one photo that would be used to explain a four-hour situation."