National Fitness Day: Health and exercise industry transforms Chinese perceptions around fitness
Updated 23:03, 08-Aug-2019
August 8th marks National Fitness Day in China where ideas around fitness continue to undergo tremendous changes. And, with the health industry booming, people's perceptions around fitness are also changing. CGTN's Chuck Tinte has more.
Music on, body tight, and dance.
These people are of different ages and work in different areas. But, they all have the same goal: keep fit, get healthier and be happy.
JOYCE, REGIONAL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR SUPERMONKEY "We have set different levels of courses. No matter if you are a starter or a professional, you can still choose a course that fits you. There are more and more young people joining us. That's because they are facing so much social pressure nowadays. In here, they can relax."
An evolution is happening in China's fitness industry. Over the last five or six years, there has been an explosion in new types of businesses and models. In the current fitness world, it's not just about becoming fitter. It's also a lifestyle and about giving people a community to be a part of.
XU YAO, HEAD COACH CROSSFIT LONG "You will see the changes as the time goes by. You have a goal to reach. Today you will finish these exercises, and tomorrow you will do more. In this community, people are working together and reaching their goals. When you are tired and feel like you can't do it, just look at the  other people. They will stay with you and give you the courage until you can reach your goal. It's not simply about training. It's about team spirit and people working together."
Nowadays, changing values and perceptions are reshaping China's fitness market. For Chinese women, especially women in their 20s or 30s, the definition of beauty is changing.
ANDY MOK, SENIOR RESEARCH FELLOW CENTER FOR CHINA & GLOBALIZATION "The traditional view of beauty was maybe to be as white as possible and look maybe as thin as possible. However, more and more Chinese women value looking fit. And so they go to CrossFit, they go to these other types of activities, and really it's more for themselves than anything else. So they can look better, they can feel better. And it's really quite a remarkable thing to see."
JANNA, CUSTOMER SUPERMONKEY "For me, going to the gym is more important than finding a boyfriend. I was really lazy before, spending so much time at home chilling. But now, I will take two or three courses a day. That's really a great change for me. My friends all say I'm getting slimmer and more beautiful."
More and more younger people in China today are paying a premium for new experiences. These experiences are more about shaping their bodies and having better health. It's difficult to anticipate the future of the fitness industry in China, but one thing is certain: Chinese people are paying more and more attention to their health than ever before. CGTN, Chuck Tinte, BEIJING.