President Xi: People are makers of history
The first session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s top legislature, began its closing meeting Tuesday morning in Beijing. Chinese President Xi Jinping addresses the meeting.
Talking about the splendid history of China, Xi points out that it is the people who have created the history and they are the real heroes. As long as people have confidence, the country will have a future and power.
Happiness comes with hard work. If Chinese people hold the spirit of working hard, we can achieve the goal of creating a better life, said Xi.
China has many great minds such as Laozi, Confucius, Zhuangzi, Mencius, Mozi, Sunzi, Han Feizi in history. Chinese people  invented papermaking, gunpowder, movable type printing, compass and other great technological achievements of human civilization. 
China's President Xi Jinping delivering speech. /CGTN Photo‍

China's President Xi Jinping delivering speech. /CGTN Photo‍

Xi believes that as the creative spirit of Chinese people is bursting out at an unprecedented rate, pushing the country to move forward. 
China has continuously striven for its dream of realizing great national rejuvenation for over 170 years, Xi emphasizes :"we need to deepen reform more comprehensively and broaden opening-up with intensified efforts and with more concrete measures."
President Xi ended his speech with the poem "Spring Day" written by Zhu Xi, one of  China’s greatest philosophers and poets who have had tremendous influence on Chinese philosophy. 
Xi recited the poem: “The east wind suddenly touches my face. Ten thousand purple and one thousand red are the colors of spring.” He noted that under the leadership of China's communist party, China wants to contribute the Chinese wisdom to the global governance and to show the world its determination to work for an equal, open and peaceful world.