2017 World’s Eye on China: China’s quantum breakthrough with Micius satellite
The year of 2017 is a testament to China’s efforts and achievements in the field of quantum communication technology. 
China launched its first quantum science satellite from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in 2016, nicknamed “Micius” (Mozi). 
In September 2017, the CAS announced that the world's first quantum-encrypted network was ready for use, which connects Beijing and Shanghai, reaching further to Micius satellite out in space. 
In October, a video call was successfully made between scientists in Beijing and Vienna through Micius, marking a big step in the field of quantum technology.
One month later, a civilian quantum network was launched in Wuhan, and it is considered part of the Shanghai-Hangzhou trunk line, which is expected to connect the city's governing bodies, financial institutions, and other agencies to the communication system.
(CGTN’s Wang Xueying also contributed to the story.)