‘Flow like a fish’: Hearing-impaired dancers step up efforts to get on stage
When asked about his philosophy of martial arts, Bruce Lee said, "Be water, my friend.” 
Many years later, Han Mengmeng, a 17-year-old student came up with a similar idea while practicing her dance moves.
"If you want to master this dance, you must be happy, be brave and be beautiful. You have to flow like a fish,” said Han.
Just like martial arts, choreography requires persistent practice. And to present the beauty and strength within each movement, one has to feel the rhythm and dance to the beat.
However, that approach does not work for dancers who are hearing impaired. 
This is where teachers step in, demonstrating how the rhythm works by connecting each movement into a sequence.
An old Chinese saying goes, "One minute on the stage takes ten years of practice." And hearing-impaired students have been practicing the entire summer for their stage debut this summer.